GEO Super Nudy Gray: My Favorite Pair of Circle Lenses

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Good morning! Haha writing in the wee hours of the morning again, because I can’t sleep @_@ LOL. Anyway, this time it’s about my favorite pair of circle lenses. : D I started wearing circle lenses back in 2007, and … Continued

Matte Nails & Etude House Haul

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Hi~~~ Sorry, I seem to be updating at the most random hours of day! It’s just that my body clock still hasn’t gone back to normal. =/ Partly because I stayed in bed and slept all day yesterday because I … Continued

[사진] Photo Dump #2 (+a bit of RL)

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I planned on writing at least once a day, but I ended up putting it off for the next day, until it’s already been over a week since my last post. How could time pass by so fast? And how … Continued

A Good Morning + Gorgeous JaeJoong

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Hi! ^^ It’s 8AM, and I just finished working on something. I haven’t slept yet but I feel so awake anyway! Haha ^^; I was browsing through photos that I took in the past months, and upon opening a folder, … Continued