Photoshop: Coloring Tutorial #02: Bluewash + EXO-K/ChanYeol, MyungSoo, T.O.P iPhone Wallpapers

Back with another tutorial! ^^ And hi, yes, yes that’s one of the Gummy Bears Shoot A Naughty Moose boys. (If you listen to Mama, it sounds like that) LOL : D

 Say hi to cute kids, EXO-K. Okay I only know ChanYeol and EXO-KAI. Lol. This is a 1280 x 800px wallpaper ^^ Feel free to save!

CandySky Coloring Tutorial #02 

Calling this BlueWash becasue well… It emphasizes on a more bluish/purplish hue.  : )

More Samples

 320 x 480px iPhone wallpapers for you, featuring Infinite’s L, EXO-K’s ChanYeol and BIGBANG’s T.O.P!

TABI LOOKIN’ SO FIIIIINE! I want BIGBANG’s Extraordinary 20’s Photobook, but it will have to wait til I go to Seoul for vaca! Shipping costs too much because of the weight! Haha^^ 
480 x 320px iPhone WP – Infinite! : ) 
Yay, it’s done! ^^ Do share this tutorial with your friends, or leave a comment and share YOUR graphics with me : D Would love to see your creations! ^^ Thank you~~ Til the next tutorial! : D

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