How to go to JaeJoong’s Bum’s Story

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Hello~~ I am back with… A map and directions on how to go to Mr. Kim JaeJoong’s Bum’s Story. : D Plus a little bit of fanaccount when I went there with friends last month ^^

Actually, I made this for @seolinja bb on Twitter, who is currently in Seoul with her sister~~ ^^ But also I thought maybe others would like a map to JJ’s restaurant too, so I’m posting it on here as well~ I hope you guys find it helpful ^-^


Please, before going out Exit 3, CHECK THE STATION MAP WHILE IN GANGNAMGU OFFICE STATION. It shows you the exact point, where you are currently standing and can help you understand the map that I made. Double check which direction Exit 3 is, because once you get out of the exit, you will have to turn around.

Finding Bum’s Story | April 25th, 2012

I didn’t get to blog about this, and it is a month overdue, but after about a year of longing to go drinking at JaeJoong’s restaurant, I finally got to go there with my friends last month!

It was a Wednesday, and weather was cray. It rained the whole day, which was quite a hassle considering the places we went to. The rain + walking long distances totally wore us out. We braved it and got to go to a several spots that day. We ended up hanging out at Holly’s Cafe in MyeongDong, to rest. By night time we were already starving and we wanted to taste Joongie’s food, so we set out to find Bum’s.

One of my unnie’s gave us directions, and we followed that. Line 7, Gangnam-gu Office Station, Exit 3. But OMG the long walk killed us. To be honest I didn’t expect it, so while walking I was starting to have second thoughts, and kept checking my phone, the maps and also opted to call a friend just to make sure. ^^’

Luckily after the tiring walk (we had shopping bags with us, I had my macbook too, basically we were carrying loads of stuff, both our feet and arms were dying), we found Bum’s!!! : D It was kind of late at night (around 10pm?), we were starving, but OH MY GOSHHH we got there and we were finally going to taste JaeJoong(‘s food!)!!!!! Haha.^^

Once we got in, there was definitely a calm atmosphere. Lighting was quite dim and it gave a relaxing ambiance, definitely fit for drinking. LOL. JaeJoong’s songs were also being played in the restaurant. A staff assisted us and directed us to a table. The first floor was quite full, there were groups here and there (most likely fans too^^). After settling down, we ordered our food~

We had soju, okonomiyaki, prawns (ordered by accident!), hitsumabushi and… a chicken dish. We opted to share food, and huu everything tasted really, really good. (Or it could be the hunger talking… lol) I had prawns after such a long time! I’m actually allergic to it you see, but Trishy ordered it by accident^^’ I still had it of course, but since I forgot to bring meds for the allergy, I had to ask for sugar from the staff to fight the itching >< The unnie looked at me weird at first, but was nice and still gave me sugar. Haha^^ I felt better after that~~


^Trishy dongsaeng and Shine unnie ^^


We spent about 80,000won for everything. And that is quite pricey, because you can already eat dinner for less than 10,000won. But this is JaeJoong’s restaurant, and it IS a Japanese restaurant so spending a bit more than usual is acceptable (-ish). Haha  ^^ And we enjoyed everything anyway, and I would love to go back again! ^^

 So basically for me…

  • Bum’s Story has a nice atmostphere. Mostly fit for late night drinking/bonding sessions with your buddies or colleagues. And heyyy they play JYJ/JaeJoong/TVXQ songs!
  • They are a bit on the pricey side. ^^’ If you want to try more dishes, and also plan on drinking a lot, bring extra moolah, loves!
  • They’ve got good food. We enjoyed what we ordered so far, so they get happy point from me.^^ (Although a friend said that compared to other Japanese restaurants, Bum’s could do better~~ But everyone has different tastes and experiences right, so try it out for yourself!)
  • A must visit for all JaeJoong fans!^^ (Does this even need explanation? Haha.)

Bum’s Story is at 94-17 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea! Visit their website at and follow them on Twitter: @bums1313 

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  • Omo! I am sorry for accidentally ordering the shrimp. OTL
    Huu~ it was a super fun night and a happy belly always means a happy heart even if it also means an empty wallet. ><

    I would just like to add that the bathroom was wonderful. Lol Sorry. I'm weird like that. But, you know how there are just some bathrooms you're not comfortable to go to? Huu. The bathroom was good. With good lighting and a nice friendly pee-ing atmosphere. I just had to say it.

    • candysky

      It’s okay :))) It was worth it naman eh :DDD
      LMAO How I’d wish he’d also put up a restaurant for his less than rich fans! aka US haha ~~

      BATHROOM LIGHTIIIING! Actually we camwhored there as well.. I should post those photos hahaha 😀

      “Friendly pee-ing atmosphere” LOLZORS! Were you able to check out the male bathroom? hahahhaha we should. Next time. And shoot a video. LOL

  • Yunjae126

    thanks for your sharing…it help me alot^^

    • candysky

      Yayyy ^^ That’s great to know 🙂 You’re welcome!~~

  • Mrhej_28

    can i ask,, is it near the kimchi school??

    • Mish

      To be honest I’m not sure^^’ What’s the name of the kimchi school? I’ll try to check : )

    • candysky

      I’m not really sure ^^’ Do you have the name of the Kimchi school? Maybe I can look it up and check 🙂

  • rei

    hi, you might want to add, turn around at step 2. cause i went straight ahead after getting out of the exit and headed the wrong direction for 15 minutes before my korean friend consulted naver.

    • candysky

      Hi Rei! That’s really unfortunate :(, but this is why I emphasized checking the map to make sure you’re at the correct side of the street. (You should be walking in the left sidewalk if you are headed for Bum’s as illustrated)

  • Chlöe Liv

    can we take kids there?

    • candysky

      Hello! ^^ I find Bum’s Story to have more of the “drinking” place kind of atmosphere, so it might not be kid friendly in that sense. ^^’