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So there was a time when my parents asked me, “What would you like to do after you graduate?”

And then what flashed before my eyes were an art school, and the front steps of YooChun’s house.

Say hello to YooChun’s door. And a quick entry I posted along with it on Facebook:

Upon reaching the land (/hills) of the Gods… we seriously surveyed the area and went around. And because I was too giddy, I took one snapshot of the door to YooChun’s kingdom

And was later told that I prolly shouldn’t have because there were SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS ON EVERY STREET I hid my camera after haha.

But oh the treasure, we stood there for a few seconds, but I could imagine YooChunnie descending from the stairs with Harang in tow.

FUCK MAN I can just live like that forever and ever thank you!

Thank you to Diane and Meli unnie-deul for taking us there last year!

And as I am good with directions… (Directions are my forte, I can easily memorize places and signs and how to go there) I made guides for myself and my sister. (And we went back for a second time, just the two of us, also passed by TVXQ’s old apartment building [but YH & CM were still staying there at that time].)

So what is the connection of my being good with directions and YooChun’s house and my parents’ question?

Well, I think it would be nice to be a fan living in Seoul… And…. Coming across the boys.

Okay that’s nicely put, but what I was trying to say was I’d like to be a sasaeng for a day. (I know I know YooChun would curse me, but…) I’d just like to experience it once. HAHA


So for the past months all I’ve been doing was gathering information. Some are better left unwritten but ahhhhh here are a few things:

  • YunHo and ChangMin no longer live in the old TVXQ apartment. They have moved to a new apartment in another high-rise building that is also quite expensive. Okay not just quite, it costs a lot more than the old one.
  • YooChun still lives in his pretty villa/Goong. Which is right behind a luxury hotel. So the funny thing is that sometimes there will be fans who books at that hotel because it’s very near YooChun’s place. If you get the right room or wing or smth, it’s possible to see YooChun’s roof.
  • JaeJoong, like what has been said in the news recently, is moving to a new apartment, a penthouse the same building as JunSu. Now this penthouse is damn expensive. The place where JaeJoong stayed at before (the one that he took photos of and posted on Twitter) is also expensive. Rent is expensive. Because I called an agent to inquire around January this hyear (yeah yeah I thought maybe it was within the budget) �and the rent made my jaw drop. Anyway, this new one is not an exception. It also costs a lot
  • The other night, after the KEPCO event, we found out that JaeJoong and JunSu went home to JunSu’s place. So I was spazzing with my unnie and sister thinking that OH, JaeSu bonding time! Also made me wonder why JaeJoong never left the building to go home — now it makes sense. Since his penthouse is still being decorated, he’s probably staying in with JunSu while he oversees the designing/fixing of his place.
  • To sum it up — YooChun’s Goong and JaeSu’s building are very close. Just several blocks in distance. It’s possible to just walk too.

Ah, honestly if this were my job I wouldn’t mind doing it forever! Lol It’s quite nice that JaeJoong and JunSu finally live in the same building. Yay for JaeSu time! Haha. But JunSu will probably continue going to the PC Bang every night… I wonder if he could drag JaeJoong so he can go gaming instead of spending the night drinking. HAHA.

I can’t wait to go back to Seoul this year! *keeping fingers crossed*

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